Experts on sustainable tourism and certification




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Sustainability standards and certification 

Patricio Azcárate Díaz de Losada 

Tourism Value  chain and sustainability certification 

Katarina Miličević, PhD 


Development of sustainable tourism products by the DMO 

Karmen Mentil 


Sustainable tourism certification marketing

Herbert Hamele


Questions and Answers

1.What is certification?

2.What are the characteristics of a good and reliable certificate?

3.Why should destinations get a sustainable tourism certificate?

4.Should you communicate that you are certified? And why is this a good idea?

5.How does/will COVID-19 affect the dynamic in the certification market?

6.Which certificate did you obtain and why did you decide to do so?

7.What kind of certificates do your local providers have?

8.Where did the certification decision come from?

9.How did you (strategically) start preparing for the certificate?

10.What problems did you face in obtaining the certificate and how did you solve them?

11.What does the certificate bring and how did you capitalize on it?

12.Did you have an increase in demand?

13.Did the region develop more because of the certification?

14.How did you adjust your offer and what does it cover?

15.How did residents respond to the certification?

16.How did the tourism service providers respond to the certification?

17.How will you proceed in the future?

18.What would you emphasize in connection with the certified destination Bela krajina?

19.Could you tell us more about the Travel Life certificate?

20.What products are you planning to develop in the future?

21.What would you like to point out finally?