Destination Visitors

TitleTourism questionnaire for Arillas and surrounding area 
Description of the questionnaire: The questionnaire contains 25 main questions, which are based on knowledge, accommodation and assessment of the destination, the amount of tourist value and visitors’ data. 
Topics: /
Source of the questionnaire:Arillas Business association 
TitleVisitor survey toolkit 
Description of the questionnaire: A set of core questions, which are recommended and included in all visitor surveys. The questionnaire contains 27 main questions and follows the set of standardised questions included in the Scotland Visitor Survey. 
Topics: – Introductory question about the location of the visitor’s origin country 
– General and trip planning 
– Visit motivations 
– During visitor’s trip 
– Satisfaction with visitor’s holiday 
– General demographics 
Source of the questionnaire:VisitScotland, Scotland’s national tourist board 
TitleMeasuring tourism locally 
Description of the questionnaire: Survey provides a consistent framework for measuring  and collecting data on various facets of tourism activity. The questionnaire contains 25 main questions divided into two sections. 
Topics: Purpose of the trip 
Details of the visit 
Source of the questionnaire:Office for National Statistics (ONS), executive 
office of the UK Statistics Authority 
TitleQuestionnaire design for tourism visitor surveys in European cities 
Description of the questionnaire: Tourism visitor surveys for European cities developed by European Cities Tourism Research and Statistics Working Group. The questionnaire consists of technical questions in the introduction, followed by 17 main questions. Questionnaire is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Hungarian and Italian language. 
Source of the questionnaire:Austrian Society for Applied Research in Tourism (ASART) 
TitleQuestionnaire for tourists in Punat (Croatia) 
Description of the questionnaire: Questionnaire is part of the project “Strategy and concept of the development of tourism in Punat”. It contains 15 main questions, the last of them is the most comprehensive and contains Likert scale type of questions about level of satisfaction. 
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Source of the questionnaire:TZO Punat, Croatia